Welcome to my website

This site was originally launched in January 2000.

Unbelievably this already counts as the dark and distant past, as at that time Google was still not on the radar of most people and numerous services that are immensely popular today such as Blogs, Facebook, Blackboard, Flickr, Youtube, Surveymonkey, and many others simply did not exist yet. Today, even having one’s own website seems somewhat anachronistic...

In other words, the www has changed quite drastically in the past couple of years.

Moreover, my personal living situation has similarly changed dramatically and in many ways during same time period.

Hence it is time that this site reflects these changes instead of being a monument to times past. Effectively this means the elimination of most of the content previously on the site. For example, I removed all sections of the site that were rendered obsolete by the advent of mainstream social networking sites, legitimate photo and video sharing sites and low cost online polling sites. Even having a “guestbook” on the site seems rather quaint, but I kept it - for now...

As we live in interesting times, I suspect that this site will continue to evolve - mirroring both my own personal development as well as the  further maturation of the web itself.

Stay tuned...




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